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Embark on a Journey to Better Health with a New One-Day Package at RAKxa

Embark on a Journey to Better Health with a New One-Day Package at RAKxa

In just one day, you will understand yourself on a deeper level and hear what your body is trying to tell you

If you are looking for all-encompassing, holistic health treatments that take care of your body, mind and soul, RAKxa Fully Integrative Wellness & Medical Retreat is the answer.

RAKxa has introduced a One-Day Wellness Package, which offers a new and unique experience to help you understand yourself and take good care of your health through a wide array of treatments and therapies.

The One-Day Wellness Package begins with a doctor and wellness advisor consultation to analyse your health condition and design a suitable programme tailor-made for you. The programme includes an integration of modern and traditional therapies and treatments based on science. A Fitness Functional Assessment will also be carried out by a team of expert physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to test your balance and understand your movement pattern in daily life. The Medical Gym team will offer advice on how to better take care of your health, how to exercise correctly and which type of exercise is best suited to you.

Anti-inflammatory, organic and toxin-free food is also a major part of the RAKxa journey, and the chefs and nutritionists at Unam Restaurant ensure you eat what’s right for your body and any dietary requirements you may have.


The One-Day Wellness Package includes:

–           Consultation with the wellness advisor Health and Wellness Consultation

–           Doctor consultation

–           Functional Fitness Assessment

–           One Wellness cuisine meal   

–           One Tea Break at RAKxa Cha

–           One Treatment at RAKxa Jai or RAKxa Gaya

–           One Treatment at VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic 

RAKxa Jai Holistic Wellness Centre offers treatments from various esteemed schools of healing such as Traditional Thai Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and energy healing. Treatments include Acupuncture which has been used for 3,000 years and helps stimulate the body’s energy flow. Research has shown that acupuncture can help the body produce pain relieving chemicals and ease inflammation. Also available is Moxibustion, a therapy which uses ‘moxa’ made from a Chinese herb called “Aiye”, or Mugwort, that stimulates circulation of vital energy to restore the body’s yin-yang balance and remove toxins.

Traditional Thai Medicine treatments at RAKxa follow the methods used in King Rama II’s era such as the Royal Thai Massage which was used by the imperial physicians to treat royal family members. This massage helps ease various symptoms and stimulates the body’s blood and lymphatic flow to allow better movement and reduce muscle pain.

RAKxa offers healing modalities of Ayurveda by experts from India to take care of your health with ancient treatments such as the Marma Healing Massage to help sustain the flow of energy and restore balance throughout your body. After the treatment, you will feel lighter, fresher and more energised.

RAKxa also offers energy healing treatments such as the Chi Nei Tsang Massage, developed according to Tao and traditional Chinese medicine. The therapist will massage the abdomen to restore balance to the digestive system, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce stress, and release emotional blockages.

VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic takes care of your wellbeing with treatments that utilise modern technology based on proven science, such as Photo-Light Therapy to stimulate cell restoration and collagen production, Cryo-Sauna at -130 degrees Celsius to restore tissue and reduce pain, improve sleep and enhance the immune system, and the Hyperbaric Chamber in which a patient breathes 100% oxygen intermittently under the doctor’s supervision.

RAKxa is a new destination for the health conscious. Located by the Chao Phraya River amidst Bang Krachao’s unspoiled nature and only 45 minutes from Bangkok. The One-Day Wellness Package is 15,000 baht to get you started on your journey to better health, and following day packages begin from only 9,900 baht, with receive 1 Holistic treatment credit voucher valued at THB 2,000.

Start your health journey with RAKxa’s one-day package from today until June 30, 2021. 

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