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MAGAENTA BLUE : Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein Le Link Gallery BKK

MAGAENTA BLUE : Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein Le Link Gallery BKK

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

MAGENTA BLUES is the title of a series of paintings made especially for this exhibition.

Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein’s work is colourful, abstract, very often in a very large scale and it is , yes, very beautiful. But it is much more than that: it shows us a hidden world, a world beyond the surface, a secret world beyond the world of matter.

Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein is fascinated by the hidden, the unseen, everything which remains behind the visible surface. She chooses to completely avoid depicting the visible world around us,  IzSH invents a new universe of the unseen. In a way, she works like a music composer – her  instruments are not violins and drums, but the world of colour in all its beauty and strength.

While listening to music nobody poses questions about abstraction. We are used to listening to it without being able to recognise any subject matter and we thereby feel no need to follow any discernible storyline. While surrounded by music, we are able to dive into the unknown universe of our inner self.

In her world of colour she invites you to do the same. Colour can touch your soul in a similar way as music. Both media allow us to travel in our mind and spirit through a non-physical world. Yet the prerequisite for embarking on such a journey is our willingness to embrace this chance by creating the stillness in our inner self. This journey is similar to the experience of meditation.

As opposed to music, the perception of which is dependent on the duration of the composition, paintings are free from any temporal limitations. The painting allows the viewer to decide for himself how long he feels like exploring its world of colour and space, its rhythms of darkness and light.

Art is a form of research, an adventurous investigation of the unknown, of the less obvious, of exactly those aspects of our existence which remain most elusive and evade disclosure.

In a certain way, you could say that through her paintings Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein creates a parallel world, a domain of parallel truth, which exists only beyond the visible. Her paintings make visible something which exists as such, but its existence remains hidden beyond the reach of the visibility as it is known to us. Her work brings something to light, allowing it to appear in her studio/laboratory. Yet, this something already exists before it appears in the paintings, only that it had not yet shown itself. It is lifted by the artist I like a treasure from this beyond and coax it into visibility.

Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein went to art school in Hamburg, Germany and started her career in New York, USA. She worked as an assistent to Andy Warhol in his famous factory for two years. Her strong sense of colour and composition got a boost in those intense years in the factory.

Since music is a strong source for her inspiration, IzSH cooperated in several projects with the polish classical composer Augustyn Bloch.  Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein lives in Germany and in Spain.

Exhibition Duration: 15.11.2019 – 19.01.2020.

Opening Hours: Wednesday – Sunday from 12pm – 6pm, or by appointment call: +66 8242 89664.

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