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Explore future of Southeast Asian woodcarving

Explore future of Southeast Asian woodcarving

Explore future of Southeast Asian woodcarving

Taiwanese and Thai artists to discuss ways forward

“Shapes of the Woodland”-Taiwan Woodcarving Southbound Exchange Exhibition is organized by renowned Taiwanese wood sculptor Yang,Pei-Chen, currently a professor at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Professor Lai,Yun-Hsin of National Taiwan University of Arts and famous Taiwanese wood sculptor Shen,Pei-Che who invited many artists, craftsmen and designers from Taiwan to display the beauty of Taiwanese wooden artworks. The woodcarvings from Sanyi Township, Miaoli County in Taiwan are well known across the globe and efforts have been made to promote them around the world through international exchange activities to create more opportunities for Taiwanese woodcarving to have dialog with the rest of the world. This time, a number of outstanding Taiwanese woodcarving artists and their masterpieces have come to participate in the 2019 Chiang Mai Design Week to engage in direct art and cultural exchange between the two countries to help upgrade each other’s artistic techniques and creative thinking.In this exhibition, besides a large variety of creative design and artistic and cultural language, viewers will also be able to perceive the existence of infinite possibilities in application of wooden materials in modern life.

The contents of the exhibition include

1) Modern Wood Sculpture Craft to manifest the aesthetics of folk culture,

2) modern furniture design to present daily life aesthetics in the home and

3) contemporary figurative wood sculpture to convey the visual language of creativity. In other words, the theme is adopted to showcase these three types of wooden artworks in this exhibition to achieve the objectives of form contrast, style clarification and perspective presentation.

The schedule of Sanyi wooden opening press conference

Wooden Exhibition Opening

1. Speech One
Thailand OPOP introduction (OTOP)
2. Speaker: The director of TCDC
Apisit Laistrooglai


2.Speech Two
Taiwan wooden Design Product introduction
Speaker : Dr. Yang Pe Chen
3.Forum :Discuss Taiwan and Southeast Asian Wooden Sculpture
Speaker: Thailand Wooden Expert*2
Taiwan: Dr.Lai and Dr. Han
The representative of Sanyi wooden Association

For the first time in Thailand, famed sculptors of the Sanyi Woodcarving Association from Taiwan will showcase their works at the Chiang Mai Design Week 2019. The On this occasion, a special panel discussion titled “Discuss Taiwan and Southeast Asian Wooden Sculpture” will also be held on Thursday, December 12, 16:00-18:00 p.m., at the Wiang Kaew branch of PUNSPACE to explore new ideas and directions for Southeast Asian woodcarving. The panelists will include Chalit Narkpawan, Dr. Peerapong Duangkaew, Dr. Yang Peichen, Dr. Lai, Yun-Hsin and Dr. Han, Hsu-Tung as well as representatives from the Sanyi Woodcarving Association.

Sanyi Township is a small administrative district in Miaoli County, located at the southern end of Taiwan. Often referred to as the Woodcarving Kingdom of Taiwan, Sanyi has long been famous for its woodcarving industry, boasting the chic “Woodcarving Street”, where several woodcarving studios of both emerging and established artists are located. The

works of these artists have brought great fame to the township and their craftsmanship has been passed on from generation to generation. With such a rich tradition, the Sanyi Woodcarving Association has been promoting its woodcarving industry around the world and engaged in an exchange of woodcarving knowledge with artists from other countries. The sculptors of Ban Thawai in Chiang Mai, also renowned internationally, are one group of artists who have been in collaboration with the association. Their artistic exchange aims to promote craftsmanship of different roots, creativity and future collaboration between Thailand and Taiwan.