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A Phuket pre-arrival checklist of requirements since Thailand’s November 1 reopening: time to roam freely, wherever you’re from

A Phuket pre-arrival checklist of requirements since Thailand’s November 1 reopening: time to roam freely, wherever you’re from

Since the opening up of Thailand to international travelers from low-risk countries on November 1, our Thai and overseas friends have been wondering what entry requirements international arrivals in Phuket need to fulfill. Many are planning to holiday in the resort island of Phuket for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, whether it be an Andaman cruise, scuba diving in its azure waters, scrumptious fresh seafood, and a tour of its vibrant historic quarter. Others are hoping to explore cool destinations beyond Phuket.

Here is a quick update on the entry requirements for passengers arriving by air (domestic and international flights), sea and land. There are 6 steps for international arrivals:

  1. Verifying THAILANDPASS travel documentation
  2. Going through immigration
  3. RT-PCR testing Those on a direct flight to Phuket

are subject to a pre-payment of Bt2,200 via for RT-PCR testing on arrival and antigen test kit (ATK).

  • Standard SHA+ transfer to a pre-approved hotel
  • Download Mor Chana app and submit test results via the app and e-mail
  • Verification by Mor Chana with QR Code in green.

Since the reopening of Thailand on November 1, visiting Phuket has been a lot easier thanks to the Thailand Pass system. Prior to the reopening, Phuket had reopened to fully vaccinated travelers under the piloted Phuket Sandbox scheme with key facilities such as the Thailand Pass system in place to provide convenience.

Phuket is now open to three groups of visitors

  • Test & Go” is the first group of visitors from 63 low-risk countries not subject to quarantine as follows:

Europe: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

The Americas: Canada, Chile, and the United States.

Asia and Oceania: Australia, Bahrain, Bhutan, China, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Taiwan, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal New Zealand, Qatar, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, India, Oman, and Hong Kong.

Asean: Brunei, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

After the required 6 steps, travelers can proceed to check into a pre-approved SHA+ hotel for one night’s stay.** 1 RT-PCR test on arrival at the airport.

  • The second group, “Living in the Blue Zone,” includes visitors who are not from the 63 countries but who have received the required doses against Covid-19.  After the required 6 steps, travelers are subject to 7-day quarantine at a SHA+ hotel. Self-testing with ATK is required on days 6 and 7. Then submit the test results via the Mor Chana app.** RT-PCR testing at the airport and self-testing using ATK at the hotel.

  • The third group, “Happy Quarantine,” includes those outside of the 63 countries and arriving in Phuket by air or sea. Despite having not received the required doses, they’re allowed to visit Thailand under the following conditions. 

After the required 6 steps, newly arrived air passengers can check into AQ hotels for 10-day quarantine. Arrivals by other means of transport are subject to 14-day quarantine. They require the second and third RT-PCR tests. ** 3 RT-PCR tests (one at the airport, the rest at the hotel.)

To apply for THAILANDPASS, there are four easy steps:

  1. Go to THAILANDPASS: Then, enter your country and passport number, upload your vaccine certificate, produce proof of medical insurance cover of US50,000+ and show your SHA+ hotel reservation.
  2. QR Code issued
  3. Submit RT-PCR test results 72 hours before departure
  4. Depart

Phuket is so easy to enter, well worth exploring and very safe to stay. No matter what country you come from, or which group of visitors you belong, it’s possible to roam freely in Phuket and Thailand. Spread the word.

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