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Rebel Live Action #3 “ECO ART”

Rebel Live Action #3 “ECO ART”

Rebel Live Action #3 “ECO ART”

Rebel Live Action #3 ECO ART” : International Performance Art Festival 2019
Concept of ECO ART by Vasan Sitthiket

The globe is warming. Polar ice is melting drastically. China, Laos and Thailand menacingly race for Mekong river blockage with their huge dam projects. America hurriedly joins hands with Israel to get rid Assad, and ransack Syria and Iran too. The waste-bergs of plastic float far and wide in all the five oceans. The Hong Kong’s uprising, calling for independence from China, is masterminded by CIA and right-wing capitalists. The indigenous people of Amazon stand up for mother earth protection. India and China are taking a giant leap of no return. Flux of capital floods the globe. It’s an invasion with money in hand.

They loot and rape viciously. The evil capitalism is devouring world resources so rapid that Latin America and Africa are merely the objects of plunder. Every government is only the puppet of far too few families of billionaires. Every soul deems to be governed by the unjust capitalist state!!! Born only to be slave and market, to harvest profit and plunder, is the destiny of us all!!! What can Art do!

The artists shout, stop!!! Wait!!! Enough!!! All things are subjected to change. Why not slow down??? Tame your greed. Stop taking, exploiting and collecting. The world is losing its balance. Join hands and do something while we are not too weary. Thus human,  trees and animals can cherish their lives, share their love and help each other.

Rebel Art cordially invites all the artists to set free their energy here!


Barbara Gryka (Poland)  Elaine Mcginn     (Ireland)    Fausto Grossi Terenzio (Spain)

Filip Kijowski  (Poland)  Jolanda Jansen (Netherland) Lin, Liang Yu (Taiwan)

Marcia Benedicta Peschke (South Africa) Nitipat Pholchai /SPINE PARTY (+ PROJECT C) (Thailand)  PAR D PAToZ (Alperoa  & Pamela)  (Chile) Phil Keers  (Ireland) Ruth Vigueras Bravo  (Mexico) Sai Wannaphon Chimbanchong   (Thailand)  Sinead O Donnell (Ireland)
Tanvir Shake (Bangaladesh)  Vasan Sitthiket (Thailand) Vichukorn Tangpaiboon (Thailand)


16 October Artist Talk
Rebel Art Space Residency (31 Sukhumvit 67)
17 October Festival Opening day + Live Performance
Rebel Art Space  Residency  (31Sukhumvit 67)
18 October Live Performance         Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
19 October Live Performance         CHANG CHUI (Creative Space)

Free Admission

More info  EMAIL :
Na : 083 841 8582

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